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Patricia Lynch

Patricia Lynch wedding event planner Italy

Set in Veneto, Patricia Lynch is an Italian wedding & event planner with American and Irish origins.

A degree in events’ organization in Venice, five years experience in project management in an important business context, a specialized class in Milan for wedding planning, another one in Destination weddings and “Luxury Experience Elisa Mocci”, a specialization class in Rome, Patricia Lynch for seven years organizes exclusive events in Veneto, Venice, Verona, Vicenza and in the fabulous Cortina d’Ampezzo, in Dolomites.

Her mediator, calm and patient personality brings people feel safe, quiet in enjoying their dream.

Patricia Lynch and her team stand out for their excellence, creativity and ability to follow new trends. From wedding to graduation party, from company’s anniversary to baby shower, everything is always studied in every detail to make the event unforgettable.

You can buy or rent everything, but if it doesn’t exist, you can create and have something unique and exclusive with Patricia.

What does Patricia like beyond her job? She loves being with her family, watching the flow of a river, birds flying and a pink and orange sky. Travelling fills her heart because a journey brings always new ideas and projects. Searching for new ideas is part of her DNA.

“There are many moments that I like in a wedding: professionally, I love seeing realized what I thought for months with the couple. When the event starts and everything goes go on stage with the arrival of the bride and her triumphal entry… that is always an exciting moment. And then… when the sun goes down and hundreds of lights and candles on the tables, fields and trees switch on … this is pure magic”.

Patricia Lynch wedding event planner