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(English) ABOUT ME

My name is Patricia Lynch. No, that’s not a “nom de plume”, that’s my real name!

My origins go back in between from Ireland and the USA, and maybe it is right because of this cultural heritage that I became a wedding planner, a professional who in the USA  is a “must have” for anyone willing to marry.

I believe I am not working as a wedding planner, I am a wedding planner.

Organisation, attention to the details, creativity: these have always been part of who I am, and they could not lead to anything different than this occupation that is my passion.

Even if I wanted to change career, I would always tend to meticulously plan my appointments and priorities, I would have this boundless love for flower décor, I would tend to dress my dining table with a “mise en place” full of details, I would surround myself of lighted candles in every moment… and this just to mention some of the things that make me feel I am an event planner.

Then there is the joy and complement of seeing happy couples, satisfied by Their choices and enthusiast of the result: this is what really makes me feel rewarded and what reminds me every time of the reason why I chose to follow my own way of being and therefore starting this job.

Back to the future

Ever since I was a little kid, creativity has been part of me, and then, growing up, I became a lover of arts, decorations, of flower and music.

After graduating in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities, for years I have been working for the formative office of the Chamber of Commerce in Vicenza, where I was tasked with the coordination and management of Formative European Projects.

After that, in order to give life to Your dreams, since 2009 I realised my own personal dream: working together with You, shoulder to shoulder, to make the event a unique ceremony, full of trepidation, emotions, happiness and magic.


An heartfelt “Thank You!” to the wedding couples I met and known.

You make my work unique, special and motivating.

A huge hug, Patricia