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Underwood in wedding menu

Take a large pot and fry a little bit of mountain air, few blades of grass, hay aroma. Add forest’s dew of the forest, a pine tree’s needle and a fir tree’s resin. Mix carefully and you’ll get a dish that will taste about mountains, freshness, authenticity and love for the land.

Dear brides, mountain scents and flavors’ lovers, are you choosing the perfect menu to spend convivial moments with your husband and your guests? Do you want to feast with elegant and original dishes?

There are chef – grew up with bread and forest – who can bring to the table poems of nature. More than chefs, they are underwood’s creatures, they pick up the rich treasure offered by mother earth and they pay tribute preparing “magic potions” that will surprise you. With wild cranberries, birch, lichens, pine needles and resin, they create starry dishes.

destination wedding mountain

Fragrances of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Alta Badia, Trentino Alto Adige, Altopiano di Asiago. Exceptional and intense dishes.

Norbert Niederkofler, starred chef of St Hubertus restaurant in San Cassiano (Alto Adige) brings to the table birch fondue, with a delicate and refreshing taste, and deer fillet with crushed potatoes, served with a spoon of wild cranberries’s sauce of and mushrooms, or even a barley risotto with lemon verbena.

mirtilli rossi selvatici

And then there is Alessandro Dal Degan – his local in Altopiano di Asiago, La Tana Gourmet, recently awarded a Michelin Star – offers a soup with a special ingredient, the Icelandic lichen, and then snails stewed in the hay, accompanied by wild herbs cream, fermented pine cones and moss bread, a purple turnip sorbet, blueberry, fermented apple and strawberry sour soup.

Technique and creativity meet peaks, moss, berries, barks. Gourmet dishes to satisfy even the most finicky newlyweds.

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These chefs are protagonists of the Italian signature cuisine, their stars (Michelin) shine in the firmament, their dishes are one-way ticket for a journey between the green mountains and the small, pretty villages in the valleys, between the pine forests and huts.

The love of cooking put in each dish is the secret ingredient that will give more flavor to your special day. Love on the table, and love in the air.

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